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THE SERVER RESET IS HERE! Start fresh for the new year, enjoy a newly balanced server with better end-game content and new features to bring a different feel to the server.

The new Osmium rank is now available to purchase on the store! Purchase it before the
13th Jan to receive 64 GEMS!!! to give your reset a head start! (gems also given if upgrading)

For those of you who donated, firstly THANK YOU! And don't worry! Your ranks, rank upgrades, and prison passes will all be returned to you when you first join.

Some of the new features and changes include:
- Balanced the server & crates
- Fixed & Changes to PrisonPass
- Vote crate contents made more rewarding
- New top donor rank "Osmium" now available!
- Trails added for Osmium rank (/trails)
- PrisonPass "Season 2"
- Changes to plot world
- Smaller fixes and changes.

There will not be another reset for the forseeable future now, so get going on the new server and see if you can control the prison (and or economy)! We will be adding more features as the server progresses throughout the year, so if you have any ideas at all, custom or not, then feel free to leave them in the
#suggestions section.

Thanks for your continued support and playtime of Prison World! JOIN NOW: PLAY.PRISON.WORLD

Hello! We've been working away hard to constantly improve and bring the server to the next level!
As of this announcement the following new custom features are now available!

Fishing Enchants:
  • 3 All new, custom fishing enchants that are able to be upgraded using crystals.
  • Rod prestige!
  • Fishing captcha to prevent auto fishing.
Auto Miner:
  • Auto-Miner is now in the game!
  • Do /miner and hold the pick you want to be "mining" with.
  • Explore the island whilst you sit back and relax!
Discord Rank Sync:
  • You are now able to gain access to a exclusive donor only area in the discord.
  • To link your rank do /key on the server

Plus multiple more under the hood changes that make the server better all-round and run that bit soother over all.

Thanks for playing, and we hope you enjoy!

So, it's finally here... It's took a while but this should be the basis of the new website.

It's an all in one site, with forums, staff applications, voting and much more so be sure to check it all out!

If you see anything wrong or have any ideas, then be sure to let us know!

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